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Liquid 3D Printing: Berkeley Lab Scientists Create Complex All-Liquid 3D Structures from Water and Oil

idmin/ November 5, 2018/ 3D Print, 3D Printing Materials

When you think of 3D printing a solid object comes to mind yet scientists at Berkeley Lab can print liquids. They have modified a printer so that it prints a liquid tube containing liquids. They did this by injecting water into silicone oil. Creating Water Threads The scientists have a vision where their liquid objects can be used in manufacturing

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3D Printer Buyer’s Guide 2018

idmin/ October 12, 2018/ 3D Print

While 3D printing is powerful in the manufacturing industry there is a wide variety of materials and printers. Many companies struggle to find the right printer for their business. Criteria for Finding the Correct Printer There is a list of criteria that will help a company find the right printer for their company. This criterion is; 1. File-to-Finished Part Speed,

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