Glass Ceramics Use with 3D Printers

Idmin/ September 15, 2019/ 3D Print, 3D Printing Materials

3D printing has far come along in the technology of growth, from simple metal features all the way to plastics. However, a company called Tethon Corporation has produced a new material made of resin. This resin material turns into a smooth transparent overlay material after using a 3D printer. The knowledge of this printing has been discovered by thousands; however,

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Finding the Best Fabrics for 3D Printing

Idmin/ August 20, 2019/ 3D Print, 3D Printing Materials, 3D Printing Projects, 3D Printing Technologies

The succession of 3D printing has taken over many different industries. However, there are multiple fabrics and materials that can be used to encourage new companies to see the benefits of having a 3D printer. Below is a short brief of a few different fabrics that can be used in the print industry and why they are beneficial. The Ability

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Cost Effective Metal 3D Printers with Function

Idmin/ July 23, 2019/ 3D Print, 3D Printing Materials

The expansion of the Metal 3D printers has progressed tremendously over the past few years. They can be used for a variety of purposes including medical, aerospace, and of course construction. With the new technology of the 3D printers, companies have the ability to create products faster and more efficiently, that could have taken months to create. For example, the

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Education and 3D Printing

Idmin/ July 1, 2019/ 3D Print

The 3D printer has been established to help companies develop and flourish, however, how can it help education? When the 3D printer was invented, there were many ideas of how it can increase the potential of our society, and some of the ideas also included improving educational aspects. A research group wanted to expand on the education idea and share

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3D Printed Food That Is Reducing Waste

Idmin/ June 8, 2019/ 3D Print, 3D Printed Food, Environment and 3D Printing

When people imagine a 3D printer, most think of metal or wood, however, a Canadian company called Genecis, have taken tossed out food particles and created a revolutionary material that is used for printing. There are many companies that use a these printer to help with manufacturing needs, but their waste is used resourcefully. However, what happens to the companies

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Russian Scientists Use Nano-Particles for New High-Resolution Laser 3D Printing Method

Idmin/ December 25, 2018/ 3D Print, 3D Printing Materials, 3D Printing Technologies

A team at the Russian Academy of Sciences has found that printing in high-resolution 3D removes some of the problems associated with technology. 3D printing when using two-photon lithography can print objects on a molecular scale. This is very valuable to the medical field in areas of; 1. Delivery of medicine, 2. Regeneration of tissue, 3. Chemical Synthesis and, 4.

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Liquid 3D Printing: Berkeley Lab Scientists Create Complex All-Liquid 3D Structures from Water and Oil

Idmin/ November 5, 2018/ 3D Print, 3D Printing Materials

When you think of 3D printing a solid object comes to mind yet scientists at Berkeley Lab can print liquids. They have modified a printer so that it prints a liquid tube containing liquids. They did this by injecting water into silicone oil. Creating Water Threads The scientists have a vision where their liquid objects can be used in manufacturing

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3D Printer Buyer’s Guide 2018

Idmin/ October 12, 2018/ 3D Print

While 3D printing is powerful in the manufacturing industry there is a wide variety of materials and printers. Many companies struggle to find the right printer for their business. Criteria for Finding the Correct Printer There is a list of criteria that will help a company find the right printer for their company. This criterion is; 1. File-to-Finished Part Speed,

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