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Finding the Best Fabrics for 3D Printing

idmin/ August 20, 2019/ 3D Print, 3D Printing Materials, 3D Printing Projects, 3D Printing Technologies

The succession of 3D printing has taken over many different industries. However, there are multiple fabrics and materials that can be used to encourage new companies to see the benefits of having a 3D printer. Below is a short brief of a few different fabrics that can be used in the print industry and why they are beneficial. The Ability

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MIT 3D Prints ‘SoFi’ Robotic Fish for Underwater Observation

idmin/ August 2, 2018/ 3D Printing Projects

While 3D printing is becoming popular in the food and medical industry there is yet another use for this technology. No longer does it take only divers to view underwater species a Soft Robotic Fish named SoFi has been created with the 3D printer using silicone rubber. The name SoFi comes simply from the term soft fish. The robotic fish

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New Innovative Materials for 3D printing

idmin/ December 5, 2017/ 3D Printing Projects

3D printing implementation has been rapidly growing in the Middle East. The impact of 3D printing can be clearly seen in the healthcare products, which are made more sophisticated to attract tourists. 3D designs and printers have also been used to produce better dental implants. Medical organizations and hospitals in the Middle East have also embraced the use of 3D

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3D Printed Houses of the WASP Project

idmin/ October 12, 2017/ 3D Printing Projects

An Italian company is amazing the world by the level of innovation that they are showing. They have the biggest 3D printer called the BigDelta. The BigDelta is already working on the first 3D printed house in the world, which is located in Massa Lombarda, Italy. World’s Advanced Saving Project (WASP) is using the locally available materials like soil to

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Reduce Plastic Waste with the Help of 3D Print in Tanzania

idmin/ September 11, 2017/ 3D Printing Projects

Dar es Salaam streets and dumping sites collect an approximate of 400 tons of plastic daily. Not much of this wastes are recycled, statistics show that only 10 percent of the wastes are recycled with another portion of the collected plastic waste exported to China for recycling. The good news is that there are small recycling companies, which have started

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