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How 3D Printing is Changing Architecture

idmin/ December 20, 2017/ 3D Printing Technologies

What 3D printing can do is just amazing. The latest development in 3D printing technology may trigger you to sink on the internet to learn more about 3D. A 3D printed house is an idea, which is already being implemented. The 2017 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show had many new ideas put into practice and become a reality. A

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Roads Trip with 3D Printed Bike

idmin/ August 11, 2017/ 3D Printing Technologies

So many people have ideas but implementing them is a big challenge. The doubt of whether you will get that perfect product that you are looking for is again another source of fear. What is the feeling like when you just get the exact thing you were expecting? The two Sculpteo designers had that joy when their Sculpteo Bikes caught

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Chances of 3D Industry in the USA

idmin/ August 10, 2017/ 3D Printing Technologies

3D printing like any other new technology has made manufacturers have sleepless nights. 3D printing technology has come, and it is a reality that has to be implemented by all concerned parties. Several end products like aerospace products, automotive, medical, and even dental products are rapidly adopting 3D printing technology. Some companies are piloting the use of 3D printing technologies

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Animals Helped with 3D Prints

idmin/ August 9, 2017/ 3D Printing Technologies, Health Care and 3D Printing

The relationship between humans and animals started many years ago. One amazing thing is that the history of veterinary care is not as long as the relationship has been in place; it means that animals were lacking some necessary attention from their friends the humans. France was the first country to establish a veterinary school in 1761A.D. Domesticated animals was

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