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3D Scanning Discoveries: Mummy Remains, Edinburgh Castle Well, New Bronze Age Site

idmin/ September 19, 2018/ 3D Scan

3D technology not only works for printing objects but it can be used in scanning. So far 3D scanning has unearthed mummies, a seven-hundred-year-old well, and an uncovered Bronze Age site. Mummies Unearthed Doctor Jamie Fraser used technology such as 3D scanning to unearth a mummy. The coffin itself held the first clue. The hieroglyphics indicated that a priestess by

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3D Scanning can find Hidden Treasures of the Past

idmin/ November 6, 2017/ 3D Scan

The Mexican Kukulcan temple also referred to as El Castillo is a unique structure. Locals and foreigners, researchers and tourists give being one of the oldest structures Kukulcan temple. It is a pyramid on top of a pyramid. The first pyramid was the one which was visible for a long time before researchers discovered another one in the 1930s. According

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