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First 3D Print Face Transplant in Belgium

idmin/ August 30, 2017/ Health Care and 3D Printing

3D technology has given hope to many patients who had reached a point of hopelessness. Medical practitioners have used 3D technology to give a lasting solution to delicate body injuries. Prof. Blondeel has a story of success to share with others who are planning to use 3D or are already using it. Prof. Bondeel with other three surgeons enters the

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Animals Helped with 3D Prints

idmin/ August 9, 2017/ 3D Printing Technologies, Health Care and 3D Printing

The relationship between humans and animals started many years ago. One amazing thing is that the history of veterinary care is not as long as the relationship has been in place; it means that animals were lacking some necessary attention from their friends the humans. France was the first country to establish a veterinary school in 1761A.D. Domesticated animals was

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