3D Printed Bandages Conform to Skin and Help Heal Wounds

Idmin/ June 12, 2018/ Health Care and 3D Printing

If you have ever had to wear a bandage then you know the problem with them falling off. When using 3D printing you do not have this problem. 3D bandages are printed directly onto the person’s skin. Jonathan Gerstenhaber Jonathan Gerstenhaber a professor in bioengineering at Temple University worked with his colleagues to create the 3D printer that prints the

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How 3D Printing is Changing Architecture

Idmin/ December 20, 2017/ 3D Printing Technologies

What 3D printing can do is just amazing. The latest development in 3D printing technology may trigger you to sink on the internet to learn more about 3D. A 3D printed house is an idea, which is already being implemented. The 2017 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show had many new ideas put into practice and become a reality. A

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New Innovative Materials for 3D printing

Idmin/ December 5, 2017/ 3D Printing Projects

3D printing implementation has been rapidly growing in the Middle East. The impact of 3D printing can be clearly seen in the healthcare products, which are made more sophisticated to attract tourists. 3D designs and printers have also been used to produce better dental implants. Medical organizations and hospitals in the Middle East have also embraced the use of 3D

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3D Scanning can find Hidden Treasures of the Past

Idmin/ November 6, 2017/ 3D Scan

The Mexican Kukulcan temple also referred to as El Castillo is a unique structure. Locals and foreigners, researchers and tourists give being one of the oldest structures Kukulcan temple. It is a pyramid on top of a pyramid. The first pyramid was the one which was visible for a long time before researchers discovered another one in the 1930s. According

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3D Printed Houses of the WASP Project

Idmin/ October 12, 2017/ 3D Printing Projects

An Italian company is amazing the world by the level of innovation that they are showing. They have the biggest 3D printer called the BigDelta. The BigDelta is already working on the first 3D printed house in the world, which is located in Massa Lombarda, Italy. World’s Advanced Saving Project (WASP) is using the locally available materials like soil to

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